November 28, 2008

Frank Spotnitz Wants to Believe in the Future of 'X-Files'


On December 2nd Fox Home Entertainment will be releasing The X-Files: I Want to Believe on both DVD and Blu-ray. To help promote the release we chatted with writer-producer Frank Spotnitz who reveals his plans for another X-FILES, if 20th Century Fox were to ever give the go to another sequel. Beyond the break you can read all about his thoughts on the box office and what his plans are for the future.

Frank Spotnitz explains how they were pretty disappointed with the box officie numbers when X-FILES hit theaters this past July.

"We were all a bit disappointed, we had some indication that we were in for a rough time when THE DARK KNIGHT started to become the phenomenon that it is, and breaking records. THE DARK KNIGHT is a history making film at the box office, and we came out with our little dark film a week after. It was disappointing to be sure. But the film made something like 20 million domestically and close to 50 million overseas. That is very telling about what is happening in the domestic marketplace."

Even though the film didn't do all too well in theaters, Spotnitz explains that another sequel may very well happen.

"I think there very well could be more in the future," he reveals to Bloody-Disgusting. "The studio has not indicated another one yet, but there certainly is an audience for it. I think what happened this past summer was a function of bad luck and bad timing with the release. These movies cost a lot of money, not just to make but to market them as well. When the studio looks at the sales of the DVD that’s when they will really decide to see if its worth risking. There is still a lot of love with 20th Century Fox, as well as with the fans."

If a sequel were to happen, Spotnitz explains that he'd like the story to revolve around "Alien Colonization".

"If we were to do one more movie, I think it pretty obviously would have to deal with Alien Colonization." He continues, "In the series we say its coming in 2012, I honestly think that that is the movie that the fans are most eager to see. Hat would be the one I would want to make. For me I think its pretty integral to the series to make tell that story. With I WANT TO BELIEVE, we were un-teathered by the TV show, we could tell any story we want. If you are a fan of the show, you know that about 80% of the stories do NOT have anything to do with aliens; they were stand alone scary stories. This movie was more about the relationship between Mulder and Scully, and not so much about the X-File."

Spotnitz talked a bit about whether or not David Duchovny, Gillian Anderso would return.

"It was one of the best experiences that we all had with the X-FILES. When we did the TV show it was hard work and crazy deadlines, and what was nice this time coming back years after the fact, was the sense of appreciation for each other and the characters. It was really a joy in many ways, as difficult as it was to deal with the cold. Both David and Gillian have gone on to do very different work since leaving the X-FILES, but I think Mulder and Scully will always hold a special place in their hearts. If another one does not happen, we are all pretty proud of what we have done and content with this film".

So what's next?

"The X-FILES is really so many different genres, it’s never been just one type of story. It’s sci-fi, its suspense fiction, it’s horror, it’s romance, it’s comedy, it’s murder mystery. For me its what I love about the show. If it were up to me I think that X-FILES could go on forever if there was an audience for it. Right now I have a couple of TV projects that I cant talk about yet, but hopefully you will be seeing something from me in 2009. One of them definetly has a science fiction component, and the other is more thriller. Horror for me has so many subgenres; Its SAW and FRIDAY THE 13th and THE EXORCIST. If I found a thought provoking horror story I would be all over it! We did some truly horrific and grotesque episodes with the X Files, It takes a lot to scare me at this point, my reaction is to laugh. It’s like I am delighted the more horrifying it is."

X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE arrives on DVD and Blu-ray December 2nd.

November 27, 2008

Frank Spotnitz set new drama

NBC is developing a procedural drama from scribe Frank Spotnitz that's set to star thesp Gabrielle Union.

Drama surrounds a detective (to be played by Union) who must race to save someone's life before it's too late.

Spotnitz and Union collaborated on the idea. Project will be produced through Universal Media Studios.

Project is also a reunion for the duo: Union starred in ABC's short-lived reworking of the classic series "Night Stalker," which Spotnitz exec produced during the 2005-06 TV season.

Spotnitz's credits include "The X-Files," as well as ABC Family's recent mini "Samurai Girl." He also served as an exec producer on "Robbery Homicide Division," "Harsh Realm" and "X-Files" spinoff "The Lone Gunmen."

Union most recently starred in the features "Meet Dave" and "Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls." Thesp is best known for her starring turn in "Bring It On."

On the smallscreen, Union recurred last season on "Ugly Betty." She also starred on "City of Angels" and regularly appeared on "7th Heaven."

Source: Daily Variety

November 20, 2008

Frank Spotnitz Podcast Interview

Download and listen new Frank Spotnitz's interview for

Also mentioned in this podcast: Dr. Robert J. White (whose controversial research into radical transplantation surgery inspired I Want to Believe) and the classic 1976 film Network (particularly Ned Beatty’s powerful “You have meddled with the primal forces of nature” speech).


November 19, 2008

Wildstorm to publish “The X-Files #4″

Scully and Mulder are the targets of a killer from the Tong Underworld who is about to reignite a centuries-old gang war. If Mulder and Scully can’t figure out how this devious criminal can be in multiple places at the same time, San Francisco will erupt in a bloodbath!

Written by Marv Wolfman; Art by Brian Denham; Cover by Jim Daly and Tim Bradstreet. 32pg. - Color - $3.50 US - On Sale February 18, 2009


November 18, 2008

Frank Spotnitz Wants to Bring Back the Aliens in The X-Files 3!

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I just got off the phone with writer-producer Frank Spotnitz, who was promoting the upcoming X-Files: I Want to Believe, which comes out on DVD and Blu-ray on December 2. I also had to ask him about the possibility of a third film in this popular series. Here's what he had to say about what would likely be the last film in the series.

So, there have already been whisperings about a third film from Fox. Is there anything you can tell us about that?

Frank Spotnitz: Well, yeah. I think we'd all like to to it. The studio has not said yes or no. I think the box office, unfortunately, we got creamed in the theaters by The Dark Knight. I don't think anybody could've anticipated that was going to be such a huge, historic phenomenon. To be a dark scary movie coming out the week after The Dark Knight was not the best timing. I think there's life in the franchise still. I think these are great characters. There's a date that looms very important in X-Files mythology, which is December 2012. I think after the DVD comes out, the studio will decide whether they want to roll the dice on another X-Files feature.

Are you and Chris (Carter) already hatching up ideas for that?

Frank Spotnitz: Yeah. I mean, if we were to make one more feature, I think we would definitely have to deal with alien colonization. I honestly think that's the movie that most non-hardcore X-Files fans, as well as a lot of hardcore X-Files fans are dying to see. Obviously, I think Chris has had ideas about that from the very beginning when he dreamt up this show, 16 years ago.

So do you think if this goes through, it will be the definite, final closure film? The end of the whole series?

Frank Spotnitz: I would think so. It certainly would be designed to be the period on the sentence.

You can read my full interview with Spotnitz in the near future, as we get closer to X-Files: I Want to Believe's December 2 release date.

Source: Brian Gallagher