June 24, 2010

New projects of Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan and James Wong

According to DreadCentral.com, James Wong will direct a movie called The Neighbor Number 13.

The Neighbor Number 13 centers around a young man who, after being traumatized as a boy due to the constant harassment of other children, seeks vengeance against his tormentors.

According to Wong, "I think we have found a very unique way to frame the story and bring a heroic twist to it that is fresh and surprising and will take audiences on a very thrilling journey."

The film, which is based on a manga series by Santa Inoue, is scheduled to begin production in late 2010, with a release set for the fall of 2011.

Also James Wong is directing and Glen Morgan and his brother Darin Morgan are producing a new TV-series called Tower Prep for Cartoon Network.

A one-hour, live-action scripted series premiering this fall, Tower Prep tells the story of a rebellious teen, Ian (Drew Van Acker), who wakes up one morning to find himself trapped at a mysterious prep school that offers no escape. He forms a secret group with CJ (Elise Gatien), Gabe (Ryan Pinkston) and Suki (Dyana Liu), intent on discovering what they're being trained for and how to escape. Tower Prep is produced by Cartoon Network Studios in association with Dolphin Entertainment. The series is executive-produced and created by Paul Dini (Lost, Batman Beyond).

Glen Morgan serves as an executive producer and a writer, Darin Morgan serves as a consulting producer and a writer. According to IMDb, James Wong directs one of the episodes.

"Secrets" UPDATE

IMDbPro has more information about Chris Carter's new project, "Secrets."


Directed by Derek Magyar
Written by Thomas Kuehl

Chris Carter ... producer
Jenny Hinkey ... producer
Mark Johnson ... producer
Thomas Kuehl ... co-producer
Derek Magyar ... producer

Rachel McCord

Other crew members
Original Music: Jesse Glick
Cinematographer: Joshua Hess
Editor: Taylor Ruecking

Production Company
Gran Via Productions

June 22, 2010

Chris Carter's "Secrets"?

Chris Carter's IMDb page lists a new project called "Secrets." It seems like this project is in development so there's no information available.